icarus ━━ bucky barnes

icarus ━━ bucky barnes

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━━ The sun swallowed her pain and called her beautiful. 

           "You're a force of nature," it said deeming her worthy of the heartache and the strife.

           "But what if I don't want to be?" she counters, tearful and bitter. This life has made her bitter, and she wishes for nothing more than this dreadful existence to end, to bleed black and blue and live like everyone else. Like living matters, like dying is an adventure. 

            "You're needed in the heavens, my dear, but you're power is no use down here. Smile and prosper, for this is your sentence for tricking Time and besting Humanity."

                geneva castellan series, no. 1
                marvel series, no. 2
                mcu, t. first avenger - post, tws
                © madison / flluers 2019

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