The Black Cat Society

The Black Cat Society

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Mackenzie Fox By Live_Laugh_Read Updated Oct 29, 2014

"I looked at Xander. His face showed sheer terror. 

What have I done?"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Emma has a normal life. She doesn't have perfect grades or a perfect family but she fits in. But everything quickly changes. 

She finds herself questioning what is reality and what is fiction. The things that are happening to her are fiction right? Certainly not. If this was just fiction the FBI would not be shooting bullets at her and she would not be able to control objects with her mind. But is this a good thing or a bad thing?

She leaves everybody she knows and loves to go with The Black Cat Society. They hide her from the FBI and try to train her but there's one problem (other than all the obvious problems). She's the last person left with her powers. 

But can she even trust The Black Cat Society? Or are they trying to use her for her powers? Maybe the FBI isn't the enemy... But can she trust anyone? Can she even trust herself?

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_Icea_ _Icea_ Jul 03, 2014
A really fantastic and short, suspenseful chapter! Love it! 5/5
_Icea_ _Icea_ Jul 03, 2014
I really love this so far! Your writing style is awesome, (I don't think if ever said that!!) and the way you've set the scene so far! 5/5!!
brandymarie1987 brandymarie1987 Jun 11, 2014
I found myself getting into this chapter more so than before, even as much as wondering what's going on with her.
brandymarie1987 brandymarie1987 Jun 11, 2014
This was a very low-key introduction and did a great job and setting the mood and giving us an idea of her life. I like it ^_^