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As a child, Cadell Walker once told himself that having superpowers would be the best day of his life. 

He couldn't have been more wrong. 

In a near-future London, eighteen-year-old Cadell suffers from a super-powered schizophrenia which torments him with a bloodthirsty voice inside his head.  After a series of traumatic events, he gains a lifelong obsession: to protect the city as a masked vigilante.

However, in order to cleanse the streets plagued by gang crime, he must learn to control his wide array of superpowers/symptoms while avoiding a federal agency who are just as obsessed as him.

 The dangerous path he takes soon forces him to confront the only person who truly understands his illness, a mysterious individual who will do whatever it takes for him to change. Protecting the city will be the least of Cadell's problems if he's the one to destroy it. 

Superhero||Science fiction||Fantasy

(Front cover by Jordan Stanley @RichDarkCoffee)
~Updates every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday { Estimated finish time: late August]
~Highest rankings: #1 Vigilante #1 Antihero
~1st in The Excelsior Awards: In Honour of Stan Lee 🥇(Original Superhero Novel)
~1st in Winter Dusk Awards 🥇 (Action/adventure)
~1st in Spotlight Awards 🥇 (Action/adventure)
~Trident 2019 Award winner 🥇

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