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*so yesterday, after the ep when I was struggling with my feeling I came out with this story, I dont know how long it will be but i HOPE i'LL FINISH IT BEFORE THIS SEASON, jesus im crying at the thought it might be our last 5 chapters.... damn im gonna cry, and cry hard.. anyhow.. here you go!!! please review since I need to fill the little pieces of my heart** 

Lisbon Pov.

This is just a beautiful day, the sun is shining all over the FBI offices and every agent is smiling, there's no day as the first day of spring. 

I have a mug on my left hand, when did I prepare that? I really don't care, coffee is coffee and there's no way I'm not drinking it. 

I wait for the elevator to arrive at my floor to give the first sip, it tastes like hell, it's so salty and sour at the same time, it's like a salty pudding and not liquid coffee... 

I open the mug and let it fall when I see there's blood inside of it, I start shivering, I can't feel my body, I just try to keep walking with the bloody s...