Creeps- Creepypasta FanFiction

Creeps- Creepypasta FanFiction

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Angora has always been a bit different from the rest. Her golden eyes have been their since she was born, but the claws and fangs are new.  will find her place in the world after an invitation from the one and only Slenderman.

She thought life was going to be perfect... She thought wrong.

After all, Zalgo being after her isn't paradise. Jeff hating her is also another challenge. Her weird feelings around Ben are a mystery Then, there's the fact that  managed to get envious and begins to torture her with all of her favorite things.

But, she'll learn how to live in her bittersweet world with these "Creeps."

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Once I tried making fruit salad and sliced my thumb open, yeah it wasn't the best day ever XD
AdamTheHolyFather AdamTheHolyFather Sep 24, 2017
I have read the Zalgo creepypasta if he really wanted her he would already got her ass.
wolfie23479 wolfie23479 May 18, 2017
i would want to die with my family and blood not only smells good tom but tastes good too
IhasPURPlesHOES IhasPURPlesHOES Sep 30, 2017
I CLAIM THESE... uhh WEIRD THINGGS AND SHALL NAME THEM.... SpongeBob,Patrick and Sandy!
Sophie-Crystal Sophie-Crystal Aug 20, 2017
How can someone make fun of an  name like Angora what would he say?
slender9780 slender9780 Sep 14, 2014
To me blood tastes metallic and it smells like oil and gasoline mixed together