Clandestine. 》 Tyrion Lannister 《

Clandestine. 》 Tyrion Lannister 《

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When an unexpected visitor shows up at Dragonstone in search of Jon Snow, he is overwhelmed and overjoyed at the sight of her. When she turns her attention to Tyrion Lannister, Jon's excitement dwindles, and his protective side comes out.

#2 in Game of Thrones category 11/30/18.

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Woman, you better continue with this or I will show up at your door and douse you in glitter!!!!!!
Just because they're not supposed to doesn't mean they won't
she grunted, kicking and flailing, trying to break free of their grasp. ( don't use same verbs too many times)
MappyR MappyR Aug 21
She is strong willed, and wouldn't keep her sentences short. She wasn't kidnapped, after all.
MappyR MappyR Aug 21
You are correct. It is redundant. I can't tell you how many times I read over each chapter before posting. Unfortunately, some things slip by.
She went still when her gaze fell on the chair....
                              Started to struggle is redundant she she is already struggling.