Unholy - Sweet Pea

Unholy - Sweet Pea

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Yeah, I know it's the wrong thing to do, but I kinda want to

Say your name while our tongues are tied
Getting shivers all down my spine
We're in bed, we're embedded, in my mind

Don't say it's unholy
If I let you come hold me
I know it's wrong that I want to be here in your arms
But tonight I'm so lonely
Lilyana Andrews has lived on the Northside of Riverdale her whole life with her father, Fred and brother, Archie while her mom moved to Chicago.
Since starting Freshman year, she has gotten to know some of Archie's team mates like Reggie Mantle and they started to date during the summer that Jason went missing. 
But little does she know that Reggie's only in it for the playbook points that he'll get if he bangs her.

But when Jughead starts going to Southside High Lily begins to find herself travelling to the Southside, where she meets a tall Serpent. Sweet Pea.

What happens when she begins to fall for his undeniable bad boy charm?
Will she act on it?

What happens when she finds out Reggie's been playing her?
How will she react?

How will she react when she sees Archie stick a gun in Sweet Pea's face?
Will she step in to stop her brother and save the Serpent or let Archie do what he needs?

And what happens when Southside High Closes down?
Will Lily be able to keep herself away from Sweet Pea?

Read 'Unholy' to find out