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Transparent: A Divergent FanFiction (Book One) ©

Transparent: A Divergent FanFiction (Book One) ©

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Gatubellina By Gatubellina Completed

"Truth makes us transparent..."

In sixteen-year old Sage Stronghold’s world, civilization has been divided into five factions; abnegation, amity, candor, dauntless, and erudite. With each faction devoted to the development of specific virtues such as; selflessness, peace, honesty, bravery, and intelligence. At the age of sixteen, the communities’ youths must choose the faction to which they will dedicate the entirety of their lives. The cause of it all? Simple, an attempt to form the ideal world.

After receiving life threatening results on his Aptitude Test, Sage Stronghold discovers that the world he once saw as black and white, has more areas of grey than he ever realized. On his Choosing Day, Sage is then faced with the life altering decision of whether to stay with his family and the life he knows, or try and create a new existence in a different faction.

He makes a choice. 
But is it the right one?

Sage has a secret, dark and threatening to destroy him; one that he must fight to bury and conceal from everyone, because if anyone finds out, it would mean certain death. His candor-roots scream for the truth to be heard, while his sensibilities tell him to keep quiet.

The truth sets you free.
Or so they say…©

Prequel: Set before Divergent/ Insurgent/ Allegiant events.
“Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic Divergent reading list”

BookMammoth BookMammoth Apr 21
How tf have I not come across this before!!?!?!?!? So excited!
Coming back to this series for the third time with a good year's gap, looking forward to reading something good quality and exciting.
Wiz_The_Powerful Wiz_The_Powerful Jul 12, 2016
Yes because if he chose the other one it wouldve been boring
creepears creepears Jul 11, 2016
I've already read this book twice , so here I am for a third time , to all the new readers , YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED ❥
diverge_me diverge_me May 03, 2016
I'm doing a school project on this book because I liked it so much
MsftSavages MsftSavages Jan 31
IF YOU ARE A FIRST READER LET ME TELL YOU THIS.... YOURE GOING TO REREAD THIS AGAIN LIKE YOURE A NEW READER BECAUSE ITS THAT STINKING GOOD. Have a box of tissues and a tank of oxygen because you're going to need it! This book gave me asthma!