Cruel Melody ♫ Wes Borland

Cruel Melody ♫ Wes Borland

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✰ By fxturegenxration Updated Dec 30, 2018

"If there's a better place you can take me,
A better life you give me,
Whatever place I can start all over,
And I will never need what you gave me,
And never need you to save me,
And never feel like this life is over"

Samuel Rivers is your brother, you have been to about two '3 Dollar Bill, Y'all' concerts, but never acknowledged his band members. Sam doesn't ever stop talking about you, and Wes starts to get more and more curious about you, although Sam has described you in detail before, he wanted to see you. But when the battle of the musicians come around, it's just beginning. 

I don't own Limp Bizkit, I'm just a fucking weird fan who used to like Wes Borland. This is a female x Wes, and a preferable female best friend, have any complains comment or DM me. This takes place in 1999 (that way they're a little more popular, and Significant Other just came out, it's pry about in about August or September when this takes place [I'd like this story to slowly go into CSAHDFW since that's close to when Wes quits the band]). The title of this book is inspired by Black Light Burns song 'Cruel Melody' (Wes' band).

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