Lustful Rampage / Saiouma / Yandere AU

Lustful Rampage / Saiouma / Yandere AU

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tetorii By tetorii Updated Aug 12, 2018

(Warning: Gore, Violence, Smut if I can write it lol, Mature Content)

Hope's Peak Academy welcomes students of all talents, and of all interests...

Shuichi Saihara, the Ultimate Detective, has fallen, no, not fallen, become obsessed with his classmate, Kokichi Ouma, the Ultimate Supreme Leader. Kokichi's cocky personality and knack for lies has driven Shuichi to insanity. An unhealthy obsession is can be called. But this obsession has driven the young detective to murder. Several murders, and much more horrible things. All for the sake of love. 

However, not everyone has fallen for Shuichi's calm demeanour. K1B0, the Ultimate Robot, as well as a few other students have caught on to Shuichi's schemes. But will they be able to save Kokichi from Shuichi's lustful grip?

(AN: Please don't criticize this is my first fanfiction I've ever written kms.)

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