Echoes of an Alpha

Echoes of an Alpha

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Reese C. By moralfantasy Updated Dec 30, 2019

Inessa will do anything to keep her life as a rogue. Her freedom is the last safe place in White Timber Forest, especially since the tensions between the four werewolf clans are threatening to erupt. However, the power-hungry clans know of her skills as a tracker. After being captured by the clan deepest into the forest, the same clan that killed her mother, Inessa is offered a deal: die, or marry the East clan's new alpha. Inessa sees only one choice - run.

Alphas are not born, they are made. Arek of the East clan had it drilled into him since he was four that he needed to become alpha - no matter the sacrifice. After nineteen years of training, he finally challenges the Red Conclave, the ruling council of the East, and earns the right to become alpha. But there's a catch - he must marry Inessa, the gifted rogue, in order to keep her power inside the East clan. 

Marriage is the last thing on Arek's mind. He wants nothing to do with the feisty tracker. But there's something about Inessa he can't resist. Something about the way she yanks on the invisible chains of his past. Something about her scent.

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