Niall's New Sibling

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Niall Horan is going on tour in a couple of months. He finds out that his mom had a baby girl and he heads to Ireland with the boys to see her, but when they get to the hospital he finds out his mum died from too much blood lost. His dad is overseas with his brother so his dad can't take care of the baby.So he has to take custody of his baby sister and take care of her while on tour. Then comes London... What will happen on tour? Read to find out!!!!
I can not look at he word 'Daddy' the same way ever again. It's either got to be sexual...or sexual. This has ruined me.
@_PinkLemonade_   not as bad as the last of us which is 20 FLIPPING YEARS
I'm laughing because my names Brittany(: spelled the same too