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D.M. Emerald By LovelyWriter123 Updated Feb 11

Explicit Context...18+

"There's no way out of this for her." he smirked allowing me a glimpse of his pearly teeth "Unless of course you take her place." he added his chilling blue eyes fixing on me

"Take her place in the deal?" I asked stupidly

He nodded, his lips spread further and his eyes narrowing to thin slits "A swap, your friend goes if you take her place in our deal. That means you must oblige to every rule we discussed, deal?"

Glancing down at Olivia who stared up at her with pleading in those dark brown eyes I sighed in defeat, meeting the mysterious man's gaze she gave a small nod "Deal."


Harper has spent her whole life avoiding the dark world she was born in to and everything that had to do with it, that was until she met Kiev. The demon was as slick and conniving as they come and had his eyes set on the ex demon huntress. As she attempts to help her troubled sister Harper ends up owing Kiev and is drawn back to the dark of the supernatural. She is forced to face the world she ran from and a sëx demon who is determined to break the wall she has built around herself.

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frozenflames_666 frozenflames_666 Jun 13, 2017
She should have made her sister tell her what she made the deal for, then let her face her fate.  And added a do not maim, cus pain, ir death clause then let her sister face the music. People like that never learb til they hurt someone else
CrimsonEyedAngel CrimsonEyedAngel Aug 07, 2017
Tbh I understand her mentality, as horrible as it is, if I had to make the choice between my family member and other people I didn't know I would get her reasoning completely
Emunch Emunch Nov 02, 2016
Well it's disgusting. Let your sister with the monster please
AnnieBieber1011 AnnieBieber1011 Jul 20, 2015
great start!!! loving it!!! I'm also started a new book too, I want it to rated r but I don't know if that mean some one as to follow me to read some chps?
SammFoxx SammFoxx Mar 25, 2015
To be honest haunting by Beyoncé shouldn't have been for 50 shades of grey it should have been for this story. Very well written and I'm addicted :") For some reason some tidbits reminds me of the show Angel! *.*
smilemorecrylater20 smilemorecrylater20 Jul 29, 2014
When are you updating this story? I can't wait to read it. (: