A Mermaid Tale Book 3 - At Ocean's End (ON HOLD)

A Mermaid Tale Book 3 - At Ocean's End (ON HOLD)

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Sabrina J. By NocteLamia101 Updated Mar 16, 2017

Tarabelle Johansson was once just a normal girl; but then she turned into a mermaid, then she became queen of the ocean, then was blessed to me a mother, and now? Now she was the latest discovery of the 21st century. 

After washing up on shore when the Maverick stroke, Tara was found by the military and is now under constant surveillance by none other than Diana Rodriguez, a scientist.
Stuck in an aquarium unable to swim properly because of her paralyzed tail, the mermaid queen is now the talk of the world and many come see her at the small Shelly Fish Land Museum. Will anyone come save her before Diana and her team of mad scientists break the rules and take hold of her to cut her open to see what really lies underneath her mermaid skin? Or maybe someone unexpected will help set her free and remind her once again what it's like to fall in love. 

Meanwhile undersea Taiven has returned; however his coming back was not celebrated and not at all joyful. The Maverick has destroyed much of what was left of the Upper Kingdom and more. Will he find the strength to go on when almost everything he holds dear has disappeared? 
With the Upper Kingdom quickly falling into the the hands of the Deep and the Prophecy slowly proving itself true Taiven, Ridge, Gabrielle, Breena, Gregory, Alacreed and Danicio have no choice but to act fast. But is it possible to save Tarabelle, find the Lost Kingdom, defeat Auron and also erase all trace of mer-existence from the human world before it's too late?

In complete darkness, The doors will be found, Seven will enter, Two will turn around, One will die, Four will complete the journey, Two will return to the rightful place that they must be.

It all comes down to this; A Mermaid Tale At Ocean's End is the final installment of the Mermaid trilogy that will have you turning pages until the very end.

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AshaWheeler AshaWheeler Aug 25, 2017
I really hope you update this soon.  Last update was in March and I hope I didn't just waste 5 days reading to this point only to have it end unfinished.
shandrapattenjax shandrapattenjax Oct 06, 2016
I love all the books but this is my fave you should make a book were a werewolf and a mermade fall in love
Like when I read the part where someone dies in the summary I was just fu*ck yes
dmsunicornlove dmsunicornlove Aug 23, 2015
It's Tara washed up. The mermaid secret has been discovered. That, or the 7 that ties themselves to the bridge got loose and ended up on the beach and everything's discovered. Either one
nahkylaashley nahkylaashley Jun 21, 2015
Please update this book more i loved the others so that i am eager to read the rest please i am begging you
Ignis5Ace Ignis5Ace Sep 07, 2014
I've come to the conclusion that you live to toucher people, but damn it your a good writer. Please don't stop writing, I'll take the toucher jut to read your amazing books.