A Very English Necromancer

A Very English Necromancer

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Crispin O'Toole-Bateman By CrispinOTooleBateman Updated 3 days ago

** Wattys 2018 Winner! The Wild Cards! **

Living in his mother's house, thirty-four year-old Hubert Grange has aspirations - beyond simply becoming the best FPS zombie assassin, watching everything Netflix has to offer, or completing an all-foil Slimefoot Magic the Gathering Commander deck. Hubert Grange knows he has more to give, and one day his time will come!

He just didn't expect it to be this soon...

** Updates a little sporadic at the moment as life is very busy but they'll keep coming! **

Thanks to Louise Rabey for the fun cover illustration!

As the story develops, I've decided to take it out of the 'humor' category, and into a more general fantasy one. The humour was always a bit dark, and I've realised it's sometimes completely absent.

I've also put on the mature filter - mainly so my characters can talk naturally!

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boderun boderun Jun 19
Rather graphic content but true to the reality of being a carer. Hugh, the main character is very believable and his personality comes through the whole story. His devotion to gaming gives a good clue to his subsequent actions. An enjoyable read.
Im_write Im_write Oct 23
Yay! Mafia days! So safe!!!! I'm serious it was safer back then when they ruled.
JasperRuby JasperRuby Sep 16
I'm loving it. Very readable. Instantly like Hubert and I'm loving the game references (I used to play a lot of MTG).
Believable character in Hubert but I prefer less lengthy exposition at the beginning of a story. I prefer to learn about the character as the story progresses
I am pleased to tell you I started my first DnD campaign today.
Im_write Im_write Oct 23
Hehe tinkle..... from the books I read before they say piss or leak but tinkle hehe I know it's childish but come on it brang a tiny smile to your face to just read is slowly.......Tinkle.......