The Hills

The Hills

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Squeezing my eyes shut, I spin around and the world seems to go silent. Everything seems peaceful, and for a second I wonder why I was even scared in the first place. I'll open my eyes in three and I'll show myself I was just being stupid.
One. . .
Two. . .
Three. A pair of blue eyes stare directly into mine. Their ragged breathing caresses my face and a finger presses against my lips. The cold, smooth surface of a blade runs down my cheek.
I'm so stupid, I should've ran.

The Hills are thick and dense with forest.
No one ever dares go into them.
Because they might just get lost.

Or taken.

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It was a good chapter loved it especially the ending. Maybe more description next time xx
Wander (walking is wander, thinking is wonder) (again just trying to be helpful not petty or mean) xx
KilluaAngel KilluaAngel Jun 20
That movie kinda scares me. I haven’t watched it but I’ve seen a few commercials on TV about it.
It’s good but I feel the story / book/ idea is going far too quickly. It jumps very quickly with little description. Maybe that’s the way you write .
I never watched this movie not even a trailer i kinda heard about it though
ahnamaija ahnamaija Jul 17
Ive moved alot and the day we move in we always would get pizza and its one of my favourite childhood memories- sitting on the floor since we dont have a table yet eating pizza in a new house. I cant stay in one place for long  cuz of it, and i love moving since it was  such a part of my childhood