Leilani Slave To The Kings Desires

Leilani Slave To The Kings Desires

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sylvia ofoha By silchiluvera Updated Aug 27, 2018

Leilani is a slave bought into the kingdom of Iortah, after her kingdom was invaded and claimed by the ruthless king Kranich. She's as fierce as she comes, with a package of beauty and a mouth that's luscious and inhabits a vile tongue, that all but puts her in trouble with the king everytime it is opened.

King Kranich is a man of power, lives like a god, claims and owns whatever he sets his eyes on and desires, and the kings eyes are set on one thing, Leilani. He promises her that he'll own her, every inch of her will be his for the taking. And what the king desires he takes, with or without consent.

Will this ruthless king and fierce slave be able to have a happy ending and keep their kingdom together or will they tear it apart with their flame and desires.

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