More Than Just Existing

More Than Just Existing

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SḀṁḭṆḀ AḶḭ By aurora_thoughts Updated May 30

Meet Autumn Hawthorne, just a normal ambitious girl with controlling, overprotective and super rich parents. Boring eh?

That's not it, they want Autumn to have the best in everything. From her backpack to the friends that will have her back, they've got planned it all. And of course her parents want Autumn to be the best of the best.

But what if Autumn is not someone that they want her to be? What if she doesn't even want to be that someone?

Autumn's one ambition is to live. Like actually LIVE, not just exist. She wanted a full life. Explore the world, find her trueself, travel and sure, fall in love eventually.

In search of these she decides to take an unseasonable jaunt, away from home. Surprisingly, she found everything that she ever wanted including the almost love part.

But the man she met is not just someone. He is the Adrian Black whom her parents utterly despise and the fact that their families are absolute rivals, will only add more fuel to the things. Can life be more ironic? 

What's the story behind this family rivalry? Will they end up together? How will our girl strive against the life's unexpected turnings? Don't you wanna find out?

Then, sit back and grab some popcorn 'cuz things will get interesting now. Watch, as our ambitious, mamma's girl thrives into a strong, independent woman.

Read as she master what, More than just existing means.

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