I'm Fat and You're Hades(The Greeks #1)

I'm Fat and You're Hades(The Greeks #1)

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It's not everyday you encounter a Greek God in the library you were given the responsibility to manage. In fact, it's not even possible.

Yet, here I am in the library, staring at this guy in a skirt, who claims to be one.

I suspected drugs too. 

But turns out, he's clean.

It's not everyday such incidents happen to me, overweight librarian who's sure her life is going to end in her living with a bunch of cats.

Whose love life stands in the bottom, along with her dignity after she got the freaking job. 

But hey, stranger things have happened, right?


There are certain things mapped out for regular, normal women. Meeting Greek Gods who don't even know how to use a toilet is not among them.

Sometimes, the world works in weird ways and maybe this is how your life is supposed to go. 

Meeting Greek Gods? Totally fine by me. 

Fighting monsters? 

Yeah, that's not the at the top of my '10 Things to do before I turn into a crazy Cat Lady' list.

Why didn't the Man Upstai...

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