The Alpha's Slave (Completed)

The Alpha's Slave (Completed)

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Whenever it is time for a new Alpha/King from the royal family to take over the Midnight Black pack, a new slave is chosen for the Alpha to keep until he finds his Mate. 
And this time Zander Knight will be the new Alpha of the Midnight Black pack and it is his turn to pick his slave.

Zander Knight is sexy, arrogant, aggressive, dominant and cold hearted. He doesn't give a care about anybody and always seems to get what he wants. This year the girls are more scared than they've ever been and don't want to be picked despite how sexy he is. 


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JanthakarnWolf JanthakarnWolf Oct 07, 2017
This What The Horni Side Of Wattpad Came For !!! 😋😄😆
natcoop22 natcoop22 Jan 03
THIS IS AN AMAZING BOOK! Honestly, this was one of the first books I read on here, and I thought I wouldn't like it by the description, because I don't usually go for books like this. But I'm glad I did, because this will always be my favorite book on here, and probably favorite book period.
I destroyed my innocence when I was 6 pretty sure I’m ready
KatsUtopia KatsUtopia Feb 24
Love this? Please read my story 'Never too Late for a Mate' you will love it!!!
loneprincess26 loneprincess26 Jul 24, 2017
That's not a warning, it's a good sign 
                              (I just read a werewolf one with nothing like that in it and I'm dying for some feels right now... 
                              Bring it onnnnnnn)
_Jayeee _Jayeee Feb 14, 2017
Yaaas, my favorite 3 words ever. Now this is my kind of book 😏😂