The Single Mother

The Single Mother

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OceanBlues123 By OceanBlues123 Updated Oct 03

Talla Knight was rapped 3 years ago. She now has a three-year-old daughter, Seirra Knight. Talla works crappy hours for an even crappier wage but it's not her fault that was the only job she could get at the time. Now 21 and in a mountain of debt what will her parents think what's best for her and their only granddaughter?

Phoenix King is the current CEO of King's Lawyers; an international, world famous company that employs only the best lawyers. Phoenix's parents are constantly nagging the 25 year-old to settle down and start his own family, but where's the fun in that? Taking matters into their own hands, Phoenix's parents force him to get to know the lovely Knight family in hopes that the Knights will agree to marry off their daughter in the hope of helping her and her daughter. 

What happens when the single mother and wealthy CEO are forced together to strengthen family bonds? Will love bloom? Or will fuel be added to the already raging flames?

Some swearing and some sexual and abusive things are mentioned. You were warned.