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Hotel Scout  {LevixEren}

Hotel Scout {LevixEren}

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♛Yaoi Queen♛ By _ErenxLevi_ Updated Apr 03

Eren Jeager works at Hotel Scout and has a special customer and finds out he's gay! Sasha Blouse, his best friend, confesses to him. He almost gets fired by his boss from a misunderstanding. Can his life get any worse?

Why gotta be so rude 
                              Don't you you got eyebrows too
                              Lyrics by LiztheBear
EW Erwin take them eyebrows and your ass out the door. You can see em from a mile away!!
Me: YOU'LL NEVER HAVE HIM, we're talking money here,how much?
                              Erwin:well I--
                              Mikasa: Liv, you're supposed to support riren remember?
                              Me:.... FINE....BEASH YOU'LL NEVER HAVE HIM,CUS' he's a Dom Levi
Jamysl Jamysl Jul 04, 2016
I feel like this whole paragraph is dedicated to Erwin's eyebrows
Queen_of_weebs Queen_of_weebs Apr 03, 2016
I'm watching you all. Now if I catch all yallls hands on my Eren I's rip yo hands of and fry them, then make you eat them.
                              Now Levi GET IN HERE ALREADY
shadowphoenix05 shadowphoenix05 Oct 05, 2016
Never. Even if you put a spell on me to go to hell. Not even close to make me ship you and Levi, you motherf**king Eyebrows