Hotel Scout  {LevixEren}

Hotel Scout {LevixEren}

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♛Yaoi Queen♛ By _ErenxLevi_ Updated Apr 03

Eren Jeager works at Hotel Scout and has a special customer and finds out he's gay! Sasha Blouse, his best friend, confesses to him. He almost gets fired by his boss from a misunderstanding. Can his life get any worse?

Why gotta be so rude 
                              Don't you you got eyebrows too
                              Lyrics by LiztheBear
i didn't get it at first since i thought it said Eren's POV 
                              butt ughhhh nooo fuckk noo erwin fuckk off
Me: YOU'LL NEVER HAVE HIM, we're talking money here,how much?
                              Erwin:well I--
                              Mikasa: Liv, you're supposed to support riren remember?
                              Me:.... FINE....BEASH YOU'LL NEVER HAVE HIM,CUS' he's a Dom Levi
                              New nicknames added to the list
                              - Erwin
                              - Eyebrows
                              - Big ass eyebrows
                              -Mega brows
Luna_Mochi Luna_Mochi Jul 31
*chokes on apple juice*
                              Say that again boi I dare u •-•
                              Or I swear to god I will personally cut and shove ur mega brows up ur äss
Queen_of_weebs Queen_of_weebs Apr 03, 2016
I'm watching you all. Now if I catch all yallls hands on my Eren I's rip yo hands of and fry them, then make you eat them.
                              Now Levi GET IN HERE ALREADY