Twin Mates

Twin Mates

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Katie By Skittle_Lover123 Updated Aug 10, 2017

Andrew and Andrea are twins, they at also werewolves

When 18 year old Andrew and Andrea run away from their pack, they trespass into the Frostbite Pack and they are captured by the packs beta   

Taken as prisoners, they have to stay in the pack's dungeons, until the alpha returns   

What they don't know is that Alpha Crixus is their mate  What will Crixus do when he finds out that he not only has 1 mate, but two and to top it all off, Andrew is a guy and Andrea is a girl   

Will he except both of them? Or with the fact that one of his mates it a male, stop him?  

And what will the twins do when their past comes back to haunt their new lives?

  • bad-past
  • father
  • hate
  • lies
  • love
  • mates
  • possessive
  • secrets
  • twins
  • werewolfs
rizzie242 rizzie242 Apr 15, 2016
Wow cool i never read about a male and girl mate very unique
Little_Weird0x Little_Weird0x Jan 26, 2016
I never read a type of book like this, boyxboyxgirl , I already tell this is going to this is gonna be interesting and f*cked up!
GrimmPrincess GrimmPrincess Dec 17, 2015
This is so exciting! I stick to boyxboy or Manxman so this is going to be interesting adding a girl to the mix!!!
_Starstrucked_ _Starstrucked_ Jun 13, 2015
Okay so the idea of this whole story the plot, what made you come up with this?
YellowAuras YellowAuras Jun 09, 2015
My parents thought I was going to be a boy and my name was going to be Andrew, but when it turned out I was a girl they named me Andrea, except it's Spanish so it's spelt Andreá
Poisendlove Poisendlove Apr 06, 2015
This is so different from the other books out there than you thank you