Your Friendly Neighbourhood Jerk

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Jerk

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ali By asolina Updated Jan 07

She hates him.  She hates his stupid smirk, and his stupid eyes.  She hates taunting laugh and his accent (that she considers hot, just not on him).  She hates how he's always meddling in her life.  She hates his uncanny ability to push the right buttons to get her fired up.  She hates how he scares off all her dates.

She hates him so much that her heart races when she thinks of him, and her stomach twists when he's near.

She hates him, and he loves it.


Alexis Rose is usually a calm, levelheaded, quick-thinking teenage girl.  She is an excellent student, and a caring friend.  And, with her experience as a girl playing hockey with boys, she's learned to let a lot roll off her back.

The only person she can't 'forgive and forget' is Mathys Faure.

Her motorcycle-driving, leather-jacket-wearing, girl-chasing, head-of-the-hockey-team neighbour knows exactly how to rile Alexis up.  With one cocky smirk, or a taunting whisper, all of Alexis' attention, and anger, is his.

And although Alexis can't avoid him at school, she always thought that she'd be safe in her own home.  But that is taken away from her when her parents decide to go on a three week vacation with their neighbours - the Faures - and have the house renovated.

So Alexis has to room with Mathys for the duration of the renovation.

Left home with the order to "Look after one another!" Alexis seems to be in a world of trouble - but not for the reasons she'd thought she'd be.


DISCLAIMER: Any and all events, persons and (most) locations do not exist.  Any similarities to any events, persons or locations are completely unintentional.