Harry Potter's Twin Sister

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Harry Potter's twin sister, Semira Potter: Was kidnapped by a death eater when she was just a baby after her parents died. She was raised, by no other: Lucious Malfoy, so she knew herself her whole life as Semira Malfoy. Mysteriously, since the day she could remember, she had a heart shaped scar on her chest. One day, when Lucious receives a threat from the ministry for not putting Semira in school, she is taken to Hogwarts when she fourteen. On the same day, Dumbledore finds out who she is and she rejects. She soon learns that she really is a Potter, but won't accept it. What will she do when she is dragged in with Harry through crazy adventures and finding the man who betrayed her real family making her live with Malfoys. This is Harry Potter's Twin Sister's Story. 
Aight in wattpad it is rude. That's that and if u don't like it too bad. It's not really helping
It's not rude. It's called helping. She or he is not being rude. There's a reason you're allowed to put comments, you know. Yes, she did work very hard on it and it's an amazing story, he or she is just trying to help out for future reference.
It actually is rude when an author worked hard in it and all someone is gonna comment is spell check. May not be rude to YOU but in WATTPAD it's considered quite rude
Correcting one's spelling mistake is not rude, if I remember correctly. She or he is just trying to help @Sodalo610
Correcting someone's spelling is not rude. She was trying to help, if I believe correctly. @Sodalo610
Oh ffs, and I was hoping at least one of them would grow up happy