Tripped-out Tattoos (Brendon Urie fanfic)

Tripped-out Tattoos (Brendon Urie fanfic)

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iheartbrendonuriee By iheartbrendonuriee Updated Jul 02, 2014

"Mom, do you like this one?" I asked my mother, showing her the picture of a tattoo on my laptop. 

"Its great, honey. Go with what you like." She said, chopping some lettuce and cucumber for a salad.

I sigh at the fact that she won't list her opinion. "Okay, mom, thanks."

She smiles at me as if she thought I was seriously thanking her for her lack of opinion.

I stand up, about to leave for work. My phone buzzes a few times then plays my favorite song, Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. 

I look at my lock screen, to see a picture of my best friend, Becca. 

"What's up, my fine lady?" I say, almost giggling. 

"Two weeks, Isa. Two weeks until we get tattos. Two weeks until my eighteenth!" She says over the phone, overexcitedly.

"I know, Becca. Two weeks. What do you plan on getting?" I ask, hoping to think of mine soon.

"Well, mine is going to be a heart with the words "Tough obstacles are given to tough people. What are you getting?"

I sigh, hugging my mom and g...

Literally what my grandfather told me a week ago. I’m 12. He even told me that one time he thought I was just some strange 18-year-old walking into his house.
gabriellavbella gabriellavbella Jul 17, 2017
boi what happened to no talking to strangers.........well unless the stranger happens to be brendon urie then yeah im  okay with that
skailer_ skailer_ Apr 12
you tall glass of water ur getting in the way of my beebo fic ya butt
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Why not move the 2 over to where the 0 is and have the 0 take over the 2's place
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a-alright a-alright Jul 20, 2017
I got purple in my hair and forced my mom to put Young and Menace in the car to celebrate