Memory Crystal

Memory Crystal

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Tsurumi Tetsurou By Tsurumi_Tetsurou Updated Dec 30, 2018

Blind, brittle and weak, unbeneficial for combat. Despite that, they had the intelligence and sensitivity to assist them when needed. With such an abnormality, they could only rely on the mercy of others to live and survive. 

"What's beyond this?"
"Don't. It's dangerous, please listen."

"I want to discover the world with you."

"So what if you're different? It's our job to accept you, not your job to change."
"Family stick together."

Turquoise, a cunning and intelligent gem, whose body is like no other.

Current storyline is before Phosphophyllite's birth.

Disclaimer: I do not own Houseki no kuni and it's original characters. I only own Turquoise and my OCs, and some minor plot. Book cover not by me.