Dragon's Blood

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Joseph Titenburg By JoeTite Updated 3 years ago
This is a work in progress.... Actually just an idea at the moment. It came to me in a dream, and I had to write it down. I have nothing else currently in story or planned for this story so there is a very real possibility that it will just sit where it is for a long time. You've been warned! :p
I told you. Dumbledore was wrong! It DOES do good to dwell on dreams. At least, good ones.
@JoeTite...Ok...I'm just going to start, and it will all probably come out in no particular order...I read it through a bunch of times to really get a grasp on it...You're sure you want this here? :)
Certainly has the appeal and set up of a great quest and adventure with the potential with a greater evil tied in. I hope you do continue.
More!!! I want more! This is a bit different than the science fiction, but it is indeed a great lead in, looking forward tot he next addition.
I liked it, it is a good start and it shows promise. I look forward to reading more!
@JoeTite I'm trying to fathom where the title originated from