Carnal Magnetism

Carnal Magnetism

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BexCole By BexCole Updated Aug 04, 2018

A simple, beautiful girl on a night out with her two best friends shockingly finds herself on stage, entranced by a darkly handsome hypnotist.

Even more unexpected was finding herself craving it. 

   "Every time you see the spotlight flicker, your eyelids will feel heavier," she heard the subtle snap of his fingers, "and heavier," he crooned with a snap, "and even heavier now."


   Her eyes were almost closed,  what she could still see becoming foggy.  

   "And as your eyes finally shut, you feel yourself relax, as if you're floating on air..." 

   On cue her eyes fluttered shut, feeling heavily euphoric.  

   "Fancy, when I count to three,  your head will rest forward, and you'll sleep peacefully." 

   She nodded enthusiastically in her mind, welcoming sleep like an old friend.  

   "One,  two," she took the briefest of moments to admire the esoteric rumble of his voice, "Three." 


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