Island Slowly Sinking

Island Slowly Sinking

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Bearded Man at Sea By Yelverton_TheGeek_ Updated Aug 26

When Thomas Dale finds himself one of the few survivors of a dystopian world blasted by a series of unimaginable disasters, he must battle for his life as the remaining resources of a shattered planet slowly go down to nothing. Frightened but not willing to stay cowering as everyone around him dies, Thomas sets out to find out what caused all the disasters and how to stop them, along the way uncovering something far greater than he could've ever bargained for. But there are dark secrets that were best locked up and forgotten, and Thomas soon realizes that nobody can be trusted... maybe not even himself.

Thanks to @emily5904 for the cover. Seriously, it's epic. I couldn't do something like that.

*Winner of the August NMA sci-fi contest*

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Earl_Dukov Earl_Dukov Jun 27
I am enjoying your story but I'm not sure if I'm supposed to laugh or be horrified.
writetoo writetoo Jun 23
Acid rain from the sky? Cool...well not for the people in story
NyCiunna NyCiunna Jun 23
This is like reading a Gary Paulsen book. It’s very detailed and easy to imagine! 👍😌
I’m so sorry, this may sound rude but, please could I have my credit? I put a lot of work into the cover so it would be nice if I get credit:) great book btw x