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"My name is Jace Overton, and I have schizophrenia."

Mr. Stevenson stood from his desk, his eyes widening and surprise slapping him in the face as if he'd just discovered vibranium. "Wow, so you're a schizophrenic?"

My mom told me there were three kinds of people in the world: people that didn't care, people that cared enough, and people that cared too much. He was definitely the third type of person.

"No, I have schizophrenia. I am not a schizophrenic."

"Is there a difference?"

I stared at him blankly, "I wouldn't have corrected you if there wasn't."


Jace is weird.

Jace has a blunted affect, a knack for memorizing, and a strong attraction to a Pakistani girl named Elizabeth. He also has a distant father, an overbearing psychiatrist and two best friends that get him into situations (some of which end with his nose [and heart] being broken). He has a sister that's ten years his senior, daily medication, serious hatred for the color white and a mere four years to accomplish the following things:

1) Make his parents fall in love with each other again.

2) Make Elizabeth fall in love with him.

3) Get people to understand that he has schizophrenia, he is not a schizophrenic. The former is attached to an identity while the latter is a label.

A CampNaNoWriMo Novel

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peachfizzy peachfizzy Jan 19, 2018
im suing because when i pressed on this chapter, the music blasted at full volume in the middle of class
AwkwardShyGirl007 AwkwardShyGirl007 Feb 07, 2018
I can confirm that being labelled "the schizophrenic girl" is super annoying
cleverwren cleverwren Jun 28, 2016
I can't wait to read this! I just wanted to let you know that in the second part of your blurb, you used the wrong "affect/effect." Instead of the noun (effect), you used the verb (affect).
suspishfishy suspishfishy Sep 06, 2016
this sounds awesome! (cough) pleasedon'tmakehimstraight (cough) :D
valiant_violet12 valiant_violet12 Sep 21, 2015
This sounds amazing.You have a way of capturing readers interest immediately with a short summary.Kudos to you.Can't wait to read more ;)
flawed- flawed- Apr 24, 2015
I remember reading part of this and thinking "wow, I'll never be as good as this."
                              And I remember how blown away I was with your talent. It's not a secret that you're great.
                              Thank you for the dedication.