In Too Deep Slippery Waters;

In Too Deep Slippery Waters;

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Stephanie Egberike By StephanieEgberike Updated Apr 04

Anikka George  is heartbroken because  of the death of her father who had died in a plane crash leaving her his wealth.

Coming to bury her father in Crescent Hills where he had most of his businesses running, Anikka soon found out that her father had enemies, who wouldn't stop at nothing to make sure they take all that she owns,regardless at the expense of her life.

Being in a new place and far from  home, she had no one to trust especially when the strange people around her and the ones who claims to  want to help, gives up all the wrong vibes.She had nothing but warnings from a strange drunk and is left with her intuition to direct her.  Yet,  she is just human and a lady who knows nothing,yet danger seem to be hovering. 

One night , when her home was broken into, taking an advice,  she hires a private bodyguard to keep her safe. When her home became an unsafe ground, she decided to shift base and the only option was to stay in his home which he offered for her safety.

Running away from her father's  enemies who had it out for her, she ends up in even more dangerous grounds ..matters of the heart,  especially when she began to develop feelings for her bodyguard;  one who is mysterious as well as  darkishly handsome.

At the same time ,  she found out secrets her father had , and then she  tries to beat time to stay safe and far away from the people who want her dead and desires her father's wealth at all cost.


Lucas Hemswith took the job of a private bodyguard to Anikka George because he was the one at duty that day when she strolled in claiming her life was in danger.

Little did he know what he signed up for. Aside the need to protect his client,  he also needs to protect his heart.

But what does He do when he  was paid for a job and yet he was thinking about his boss.

How is he able to protect her when his heart is mixed with his job and most of all, how does he protect her from a secret that would destroy all that she knew and loved.