Baekhyun's Squid (ft. Chanyeol)

Baekhyun's Squid (ft. Chanyeol)

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i am pregnant By s3npa1_ Updated Apr 20, 2014

4 hours ago, Baekhyun fell in loved this squid he found in his toilet. The squid smelled like lilac flowers, so Baekhyun kept the squid beside him. Now Baekhyun decides he wants to mate with the squid.

Less than 30 seconds, Baekhyun undressed himself and slide on a condom. But then he wanted children so he slipped it off. Baekhyun inserted his banana into the hole of the squid. The squid began to squirt out black ink. It was squealing loud enough that his pals watched him mate. BAek started to thrust harder and faster and then he finally squirted out yogurt.

"Don't stop. I wanna join with you." Baekhyun heard behind him. He turned around and saw Chanyeol nude. Baekhyun soon examined him and blushed.

"Your body is quite lovely. May I stoke your cucumber?" Baekhyun blushed even harder.

"Please do." Chanyeol said.

Baekhyun bended down and wrapped Chanyeol's cucumber with his hands. He stroked it back and forth while Chanyeol was groaning.

Chanyeol couldn't hold anymore so he fell do...

MeowwMeowww MeowwMeowww Jul 22
So that's how Chogiwa died. Well at least Baek gave birth to shimmy shimmy Kokobop before dying 😐