It Began at a bookstore

It Began at a bookstore

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A Kim Taehyung fan fiction.

"I wish people were as easy to read as books.
Or as uncomplicated as music.
Atleast as apparent as art.
I wish people were anything but people, sometimes." I held the book tight against my chest, as I scanned the rest of the shelf.

I felt his eyes on me. I rolled my bottom lip in, refusing to meet his stare.

"What about me, then?"

I wasn't expecting that and faced him when he popped the question.


"Would you prefer me as a book too?"

How could he ask me that? How could he not know the answer to that? The smile that tickled the corner of his mouth said otherwise.

Such a tease you are, Taehyung.

I turned to the book shelf again, indifferent to what he had asked of me.

"Yes. Actually, I would."

His face fell and I had to bite my lip down to smother the laughter that was bubbling upwards at the disappointed look he was giving me.

"Because if you were a book, you would be my story. You would have the happiest ending and I would keep you close to my heart. Forever. That way, I won't have to worry about anyone else taking you away from me."

And then, there came that box smile I loved so much.

He took my hands in his, but not before placing the book safely away, which brought a smile on my face.

"Will there be lot of pictures in it?"

I laughed aloud at that, and pulled a hand away to hit him on his arm.

"Yah! I was trying to be romantic and you ruined it!"

"I was only kidding!"

He took my hand again, his eyes shining darker than they were a moment ago, and came closer to me.

"Forever sounds good to me. No, it sounds perfect. Our forever fairytale."

- It Began at a Bookstore.

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