More Than Just A Silly School Girl Crush

More Than Just A Silly School Girl Crush

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S. Padgett By DangerouslyShady Completed

To wake up in the bed of a man you don't know would be scary to most, well not for Noel Marcelo. She's used to sleeping around with random men on a daily basis. However, what happens when she realizes that one of the men she slept with happens to be her new English teacher!?  Due to a maternity leave her original teacher Mrs. Evans was forced to take a break from teaching. Now Mrs. Evans son Jesse Evans, the man Noel slept with is the new teacher!? How will the seventeen year old girl deal with the many situations that come at her? What will she do when she also realizes that she has fallen in love with him? To Jesse Evans this crush may seem like a silly schoolgirl crush but to Noel its much more.

This was one of my first books published on Wattpad, in 2012. I haven't edited it because its nostalgic for me as a writer to see how far I've come.

If you like it thank you! And I know there are a bunch of edits needed but bear with me I was 14-15 when I wrote this.

Independente_Queen Independente_Queen Nov 20, 2016
I can do twenty two...the age difference isn't much...  But secret my dad is so strict
caradecol caradecol Jul 19, 2016
Lol girl if she don't want to sleep with old men don't sleep around drunk
MrsMalik_Tomlinson98 MrsMalik_Tomlinson98 Jul 01, 2012
this is really interesting and i like it so far so i will keep on reading
DarienTedder DarienTedder Jun 28, 2012
This had a pretty good story to it, though I will admit it does need a lot of editing for improvement.  If you'd like, I could edit it for you? (:  If you're interested, just send me a message and we'll see what we can do!
xXSupporterXGirlsXx xXSupporterXGirlsXx Jun 27, 2012
i absolutely love teacher student books keep up the good work i love this!:)
xXSupporterXGirlsXx xXSupporterXGirlsXx Jun 27, 2012
it's good though i do agree with @musicalsweets  but keep up the great work:)