A story- which has a format different from quite a lot of other stories- on true friendship with a tiny dash of romance, the sea and cupcakes :) <3
Love this already! I've never read anything in this style before but the way you write is amazing!
Oh I see that it's a short story now, I just looked at the 27 parts and was like :O sorry :/ love it so far!
This is diffrent.....umm I don't know what to say otherwise. The story seems fast, but maybe cause its only the first chapter.
This is so uniquely awesome I'm completely hooked, I salute you for that. It's a great idea and the emotions with friendships especially are so realistic, great job! I love it!! :)
Well that was definitely unique and different but I loved it. It was really quirky and cool. It was easy and fun to read, so great job :) x
This is  a great bit of writing here! I loved this format. However when you said that she searched all the starbucks in town, it wasn't necessary to add [We loved starbucks] because this would already be implied