Acacia Academy

Acacia Academy

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Hope By Deathly_Rose Updated Jan 09, 2017

Welcome to the Acacia Academy for the Gifted Children. People come here from all over world, but only a few will be admitted into the school. But once you enter, you don't leave for a very long time. Residing inside the walls of this school are not just any children, but very special children. Some can bend the very elements, while others could easily lift a car with only one hand. Some can suddenly appear, and others can kill you with the flick of their wrist. Yes, these are indeed gifted children.   

Adam has never met his older brother and sister. They're comlete strangers to him, but one day he gets a letter in the mail, a letter from his two mysterious sibilings. A letter inviting him to visit them at the Acacia Academy.    

Océane is one of the highest in her class at the Acacia Academy. She is gifted at singing and can play any instrument, though her forte is the piano. She can make anyone feel whatever she wants them to with a simple song. She can make them go mad with a just lullaby. She can control people with only the sound of her voice or the touch of her fingers on the keyboard, but she's not the only one out there who can bend people to do her every whim and she has a feeling they're coming to Acacia Academy, that is if they're not already here.   

Follow these gifted children on their journey through the school and their lives as they uncover secrets, deceptions, and lies.