Smoke and Fire ||Lams Soulmate AU ||

Smoke and Fire ||Lams Soulmate AU ||

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Anna.R.T. By Anna_R_T_ Completed

In the utopian society of Runako, whenever a child is born, their parents choose what features each of them pass on to the child and at what age each of them will die. The parents can also decide whether or not they tell their child their time and date of death. But what the parents don't get to decide is who their child's soulmate is.

Each child is born with a birthmark on their wrist. The only other person with the exact same birthmark is meant to be their soulmate. 

John has a not-so-secret habit of breaking the rules and doing whatever he pleases. Stealing, doing drugs, you name it. John has done it all. He's come to terms with his death date, and he wants to live his short life to the fullest. That includes not wasting his time on a soulmate.

At least, that's what he wants to think.

Cover art is done by @-WaffleFry-

Trigger warnings: 
-Self harm
-Mentions of suicide
-Drug usage
-Adult language

Started: 6/12/18
Finished: 1/14/19