Berk National High (Editing)

Berk National High (Editing)

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Dragon Rider By NameIsHiccup Completed

Hiccup and Astrid are living together, not as a couple but complete strangers. 

Hiccup has a past that prevents him from being in a relationship. Astrid has a past that prevents her from trusting guys.

What would happen if the 2 of them fall-in-love? 

Will they forget the past and Enjoy what's to come? 


Will their past get in the way of their Awkward and cute Love story?

Read and Find out! 


WARNING: The Author is extremely lazy and an annoying teaser. I suggest you not to read this book if you hate cussing but only on some chapters but if your curious at what's about to happen then I ain't stoppin' you! =)

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NopeLilithSinder666 NopeLilithSinder666 Oct 26, 2017
I would ace this subject. Literally have an excuse to memorise the stats and everything
YoungGalixy YoungGalixy Mar 30, 2016
Omg. If this was a subject I would ace it and everyone else would fail!! Literally! Idk if there are any HTTYD fans at my school!! I hate it.
CelestialFlame20 CelestialFlame20 Jun 29, 2016
Mannn... I wish that subject was at my school, I would make straight A's and go for extra credit! 😀
NameIsHiccup NameIsHiccup Oct 01, 2014
@DORITOSYUM I couldn't think of anything better to explain it that time
kittyko978 kittyko978 Jul 31, 2014
I'm always late and I never get 20 minutes spare in the morning
Ring_Master Ring_Master Jul 29, 2014
cx. oh my gosh XD. That's just his way of saying back off, she's mine. But i bet she's just as far out of his league too XD.