The Eve and The Sacrificial Bride [ Diabolik Lovers ]

The Eve and The Sacrificial Bride [ Diabolik Lovers ]

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❀ — ♡ — ✿ By seokjinsthetic Updated Feb 25, 2016

A single day had changed her entire life. 

A single girl had changed the plan. 

A sacrificial, and an eve? 

Akazawa, Miyuki, aged sixteen, has fallen into a vampire's trap- Fallen into the vampire king's own romantic, yet lethal plan. Out of all the desperate girls in Ryoutei- Heck, in all the world, why her as the second bride? Why did they need a second bride?

Fate had brought her to the two groups of brothers- The Sakamaki and the Mukami. They were beautiful, perfect- And demonic bloodsuckers. No, Miyuki wanted out of this stupid plan- even if it meant never having romantic means with those boys. But she had no choice nor escape from being an eve. The red thread of fate couldn't be cut, for her fate has been sealed.

But that doesn't end there. 

Miyuki starts having these odd 'visions' of a familiar girl- along with murders in the academy. Little does she know that they are connected to her odd visions. 

Blood, insanity, and romance- Doesn't that seem to mix well for our heroine? 

❝falling in love is not an option in this hell. 

either  fight  or be 

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