I used to hate you [Adrienette Fanfiction] Complete

I used to hate you [Adrienette Fanfiction] Complete

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Iris By Iris_Lolirock_ Completed

"I hate you, Mari-Trash! You're a sick loser!"
Well, Adrien was wrong. He might have fallen for her after all. Adrien Agreste , The most popular boy in school always bullied Marinette Dupein-Cheng, A really nice girl. She was like a princess, very nice and kind. She never hurted anyone not even Adrien or Chloe. She used to have a hard time with him. Well, the present is about to change and find out what happens to Marinette and Adrien's relationship in 'I used to hate you'.

Topic chosen: AU or Ship
Age: Not mentioning
Word count: 5707

Hope you enjoy~

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