Vanilla Salt Memories

Vanilla Salt Memories

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Angely_Suger By Angely_Suger Updated Dec 20, 2018

'Honestly,getting banished from my own hometown Harmonia to an strange unknown school is the least worst thing that i had expected to happen to me..

As, the abandoned daughter of the King who rules almost entire continent, I've have had my share of royalty that caused me many near_death adventures. This June, I didn't choose to get banished nor encounter two extremely powerful weirdos nor run for life from people with beautiful hearts yet miserable lives. But when you see a mutated Monster come straight for you, Seriously, What is a princess, the sole heir to the throne meant to do? '

Melody Rhythm, an amnesia recovering candidate, is the newly admitted student of a most distinguished school in the entire magic universe,Lambia. Being a shy introverted yet ' incredibly popular' loner princess can make her very difficult in making new friends among her bullies. 
But everything suddenly changes when she befriends Crystal and Sunny who are also the other most popular girls of the entire school.
Are they really what they seem to appear or will they turn out to be plastic friends just like her other friends from middle school? 

And most importantly ..
What is Melody's traumatic past? What if it is somehow connected to a deep history that connects the future of the entire society..?? Will she be able to handle the secret when it is out of the mystery box? 

And during this time what if Melody's childhood sweetheart 'Mr hottie' crash_lands back into her already crazy life? Will she be ready to accept him even though he had already broken her heart once? 

Well, the only way is to click on the Read button to find out. 

Highest rankings:
Ranked # 5 th in romedy
Ranked #3 in satire
Ranked #9th in sweetromance ♥ 

But negotiable, when I am too excited about publishing my new updates?


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