Bobby Lockwood- my boyfriend

Bobby Lockwood- my boyfriend

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Kirsty Horan By KirstyHoran5 Updated Apr 20, 2014

Its 8 am and youre getting ready for a new day at school. Its friday and only 6 more hours till the weekend, where you can see whoever you want, whenever you want.

You quickly finish the piece of toast and pick up your rucksack. Sprinting out of the door to find your boyfriend Bobby Lockwood walking up your garden pathready to walk you to school. You lock your front door considering your parents were already at work and run back up to Bobby where he pulls you in to a one handed embrace. His other hand pulling his rucksack back onto his shoulder.

 You two werent to popular at high school, but  it never seemed to bother either of you. You walk to school hand in hand and soon enough your walking to your locker, situated right near the door next to Bobbys. You put your things away and head straight to tutor/ form as soon as the bell goes. You take your seat next to your friend Loren. "morning Loren u ok? " you start up a conversation.

( A/N: y= you and L= Loren)

L= Hey i saw you with B...

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