Our Little Secret - Percy Jackson Fanfiction

Our Little Secret - Percy Jackson Fanfiction

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Percy Jackson lives in an apartment with his step-father whose brutal and violent actions are viewed as 'seemingly normal' in his eyes. While attending Goode high school, Percy stumbles across a certain blonde that might just help uncover many secrets that have been hidden under a façade of sarcasm and humor. But when someone else unexpectedly comes into Percy's life, there are a few more things that he'd wished would stay a secret.

But through the many years of living with fear and pain, Percy Jackson soon figures out that there is more to life than 3AM bruises and the monster downstairs who made them.

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                              SALLY DEAD!???????????
You have all your cousins and siblings. You have all the fanpeople
Today, my fried was REALLY happy and I was in a super bad mood. So, when she noticed that, she went over to me and hugged me, saying she was transferring some of her happiness to me.
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We are all insane*hides in corner, curls up in a ball, and rocks back and forth muttering*
SALLY!!!!!! The only kind of fanfics more painful than dead sally is abusive sally
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Hair description kinda reminds me of Haymitch Abernathy and Donald Trump