Him (HTTYD Older Hiccup x Reader) (PLS READ THE DESCRIPTION)

Him (HTTYD Older Hiccup x Reader) (PLS READ THE DESCRIPTION)

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Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. The most handsome dragon trainer in the Hooligan tribe. Every girl wants him. Instead of a love triangle, what do you call it?  You, who could talk to dragons via Dragonese, finally have a dragon! Is that able to impress your love?

UPDATE 2018: Please know that this was made FOUR YEARS AGO. Meaning that I have a mind of a very horny 14-year-old. Please, unless you're gonna read to cringe, I suggest you leave this book alone and not comment anything sh!tty (feel free to construct criticism though). Thanks.

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laylachan055 laylachan055 Aug 18, 2017
Oh I'm sorry I think you've gotten me confused for someone else. If I wouldn't have any punishment for not doing things I would be no where, LITERALLY NO WHERE, in life
blue_dragon_shine blue_dragon_shine Jun 06, 2017
I've only read the first 5 paragraphs, and I'm already in love with this book.
DakotaThe_Werewolf DakotaThe_Werewolf Jul 04, 2017
My expression while in dreamland just so no one suspects: ._.
                              Love this chapter!
_imlost _imlost Feb 15, 2016
This is amazing but tuff and ruff are usually the ones who argue for stupid reasons and the hilarious stupid ones and I don't think this is a good cover for them
hanna08152002 hanna08152002 Jan 24, 2017
They would sooooo be my friends in real life cause I relate to them, mabey a little to much actually
RWSwan RWSwan Aug 11, 2015
yep, me...if I wasn't home alone,  o one does the dishes and people ask me for help at school :/