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Book 1 in the Screams Trilogy 

Calliope Doge doesn't speak. This is a fact that the entirety of Hogwarts knows full well.
She doesn't answer the questions that teachers ask in lessons, she doesn't speak to people over dinner in the great hall and she does not speak to people at weekends.
No one knows the reasoning behind Calliope's silence, no one knows the guilt that she carries with her every day. 
Because the reason Calliope Doge does not speak is that her voice has power. The power to kill. Just like it killed her father.

'Calliope's head felt like it was about to explode-she sat bolt right up in bed and let out a loud, ear-splitting, soul-shaking scream that seemed to penetrate every inch of the castle.'

'Through the darkness to the dawn
And when I looked back you were gone
Heard your voice leading me on
Through the darkness to the dawn'
-Nobody Knows by The Lumineers

I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters from the original series. 
I own Calliope, Natalie and Isaac, along with any deviations from the original plot of Harry Potter.