Dare Me [Teacher/Student]

Dare Me [Teacher/Student]

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Nicole Kaps By Broken_Dream07 Updated May 27, 2015

"I turned my head and stared into Cole's eyes, wondering what he was thinking. Sure, I may be just a couple of years younger than him but that couldn't mean I wasn't allowed to kiss him. It was just one peck. Just a dare. No harm in that. I hope."

Jacky knows that sexy crush Cole Moore is off limits, seeing that he's her sister's boyfriend's brother. But  with a small gathering one night with a bunch of friends, Jacky is about to break that rule. With a dare. And if that couldn't get any more awkward, Cole is going to be enrolling as the new Homeroom teacher. 

She thought that the game was over. How wrong was she. It's Cole's turn to play.

TheWinker TheWinker Aug 29
**chokes** **spitsoutdrink** **tripsoverself** **lemonsquirtsineye** **getsslappedindaface**
Kevin should be Kevin from the Jonas brothers 😂😂😂😂
Truth and dare is when you do both, you just get to do the one you choose first.
Well to the head, heart, lugs or any other important organ, it will 🔫
*OR. I don't know what game you play but I play truth or dare...
"she could be easily manipulated without knowing" can someone pls explain why Mel's fragile features automatically makes her easy to manipulate without her own knowledge? I don't quite get how it has anything to do with her features. not hating just curious is all. (: