Unatural Love

Unatural Love

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Casey By Shay5497 Updated May 30, 2012

They say that people want what they can't have. Just like Eve and the Garden of Eden. That forbidden fruit ruined everything because Eve was tempted.

    But what if that forbidden fruit was the key to your happiness?

Christina Stan Is the daughter of one of the strongest and biggest packs in the US. Although she only knew about who she really was when she turned 13 , she had managed to accept the fact that she can turn into a huge wolf and that she has a step mom, brother and a new best friend in a short amount of time. Just as things were getting to be sum-what normal a new kid shows up and not any new kid

Her mate.

The only problem with that is that they can never be together without one or both of them getting hurt or worse killed, but when they are assigned to do a report together how will it end?

 Will this love triupth all or crash and burn like Eve and the forbidden fruit.

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shan_01 shan_01 Mar 07, 2013
whoa!!!! Intense!!! Keep it coming plzzz. this story started out great!!!
WanderingWonderland_ WanderingWonderland_ Dec 25, 2012
OMG LUV you story!!!! Please keep reading! I am going compleatly mad!!!! Sorry come back later I have: GONE COMPLEATLY CRAZY!!!
katpin katpin Feb 10, 2012
You have some slight grammar issues here but still a great story :)
emmikat emmikat Mar 20, 2011
Wow! Please continue. I love it. I like that it is the she-wolf instead of the male, so it classifies as an amazing original idea. !!!! 
                              ~~emmikat **voted**