Unexpected Surprises

Unexpected Surprises

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Marina__Sol By Marina__Sol Updated Apr 20, 2014


Every Wolf dreams of meeting their mate, falling in love, getting married, and having hundreds of crazy little pups - well maybe not hundreds.. And that was exactly what Adabelle Rose had always dreamed of, finding her mate and living the rest of her life with him.

But not everything goes the way she plans.

She never planned having the future Alpha as her mate.

She never expected her mate to have a girlfriend - one that was the top she-wolf

She never expected to get completely drunk off her ass.

She never expected to get rejected ..... and she certainly did not, ever, expect to be left with two other huge surprises.

But that’s what she gets,  Unexpected Surprises.

(Rewritten Version of Unexpected Surprises from my old account SeaxxSun)

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