Hard To Love (Noctis X Prompto)

Hard To Love (Noctis X Prompto)

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Faithian Hroman By MajesticTeagle Updated Mar 14

Noctis is tired of being pressured to be a Prince. He hates how people treat him, as if he's fragile and must be cared for. He's especially sick of his father pestering him to act as the royal do. He needs a break.

One trip down to the local pub gives Noct a lot more than he expected as he finds the star vocalist of the Pub to be incredibly captivating.

However, despite his vocally talented skills and his attractive charms, this young man seems to be battling his own inner demons that Noct can't seem to push away.

Persistance is key for Noct, but how much can a Prince indulge in this demon warfare? 

Noctis X Prompto 


I do not own the characters of Final Fantasy XV, but the plot is created by yours truly.

(Inspired by ONE OK ROCK songs)